DON WEBB is a British playwright whose work has featured at the National Theatre in London and various other houses in the UK. He was resident writer at the Sheffield Crucible and works extensively in television and radio. He is adapting his latest book, Limehouse Jack for the screen. Porton Down 2018 is his first foray into the world of virtual reality (and draws heavily on his experiences as a guinea pig at this C.D.E.E. when he was in the R.A.F).

CALLUM COOPER’s directorial work covers a spectrum of the moving image from traditional, linear filmmaking to interactive, technology-driven artworks. Callum is a Sundance Film Festival New Media Fellow, and a fellow at the MIT’s Opendoclab, where he is focusing on the convergence of technology and content.

SAM VON EHREN is a New York based game developer. He has created games in collaboration with Viacom, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The New York Times, where he currently works as a Game Designer. His body of work includes analog games, digital games, VR, AR, installations, and wearable games.